Do It Yourself Move

The Essentials

The two essential ingredients of a successful move are “person power” and hauling capacity. Whether you rely on friends and borrowed vehicles or hire local college students and rent a truck to do the job, you need not only enough strong helpers but also the right hauling capacity. If you lack either of these, it’s best not to self-move.

Is It Really Cheaper?

Consider whether moving yourself actually makes economic sense. If you are moving a long distance, calculate the cost of travel: gas, tolls, meals, lodging, and so on. Add in the costs of renting a truck large enough to handle all your belongings, insuring valuable possessions, hiring additional help, and even the cost of pizza at the post-move party. Then get some estimates from professional moving companies and decide how costs compare with a self-move.

Leave It To The Professionals

Do it your self-move is ideal for small moves with short distance, however most moves are larger moves with many items and require proper handling and transportation is usually an issue with bigger truck, bear in mind the packing techniques along with the heavy lifting that you may not be accustomed or conditioned to especially in the cases of hard access that involve the risk of injury.

Self-Service vs. Full-Service

The final major cost factor when hiring a professional moving company is deciding between a “self-service” and a “full-service” move. In self-service moves, the company transports your belongings from old house to new, but you have to pack and unpack everything at both ends. In a full-service move, the moving company not only transports everything, but also packs and unpacks all your household goods. Most people who hire professional movers choose full-service. Although you could do a self-service move to save money, big moves or long-distance moves with lots of heavy, valuable items are best left to the professionals. In addition, cargo insurance for do-it-yourself moves is limited to $25,000 and covers only  damage caused by such disasters as crashers or fire, VRS a Moving Company Insurance has wider coverage with a higher limit of up to $2,000.00 liability.